Wake Up From The Narcissist’s Illusion

It’s time to wake up from the narcissist’s illusion. Narcissists rock you to sleep, into their illusionary dream state.

When we first met the narcissist, it’s likely that we may have not been at the strongest point in our lives (I know I wasn’t). The narcissist comes in like a knight in shining armour, almost like a saviour to help us ride through whatever storm we’re going through. It’s because we’re at this weak point, it makes it easier for the narcissist to create a persona that is fitting to our circumstances at that particular time.

The Narcissist Develops An Illusionary Character

This is the narcissist learning us. I was actually asked to write a list of what I wanted my future with him to look like. He was actually preparing to reflect back all of my ideals in a person. This is how they get you to open up, trust them and believe they’re God sent, when they’re actually in predator mode.

The narcissist has us believing in this ‘illusion of perfection’ in the character they have created. We end up getting attached to the character, not the genuine person the narcissist actually is. We feel like we’ve fallen in love with this character. Our prayers have finally been answered! 🙄

The Narcissist Puts You To Sleep

Just like hospitals give people general anaesthetic before an operation, narcissists give you their ‘general’ in order to put you to sleep in their illusionary word of fantasy. Their world is your fantasy, with them being every thing you desired and dreamed about. It’s not real though, it’s you still being asleep – exactly how the narcissist likes it.

Think back to the beginning of your relationship with the narcissist. Did they promise you the world. Did they tick every single box? Did they make you feel ‘complete’? If they were from your past, did they promise to right all the wrongs? Did they present themselves as, ‘the ONE’?

The only way a narcissist can manipulate you is to put you into the sleep. As long as you’re inside their illusionary world, they feel they’ve got you exactly where they want you. Remember, nothing is actually real for a narcissist, even themselves. They constantly live in this false, illusionary self, so the only way for them to have you comply is to bring you into their twisted fantasy world. When you wake up from the narcissist’s illusion, it makes them panic.

Taking your Power Back – Waking Up From The Illusion

Once you start waking up from the illusion and the narcissist’s mask starts to slip. It’s the beginning of the end for them because it’s where you start regaining your power.

Liken the process of awakening to waking up from the narcissist’s illusion to waking up from a general anaesthetic after surgery. When you wake up you don’t just jump up, it takes a bit of time for you to recover and come to full consciousness.

When you awaken from the narcissistic dream state, you don’t just wake up instantly healed. It’s a process, and in order to gain your strength you have to be aware you were in this dream state. You become aware that the narcissist wasn’t anything they presented themselves to be, and that takes a bit of time to process.

This is the beginning of you becoming awakened, or woke as they say. Once the mask slips off, the narcissist automatically gets weaker because you understand they were just playing a character and it was all an act. Once you stop responding to that character, and know they can fulfill your needs of desires, it’s game over for a narcissist.

Consciously Stepping Out of The Narcissist’s Illusion

You’ve consciously stepped OUT of their fantasy world, so they don’t know how to deal with you because they’re not of this world. This is usually the point where they discard of ghost you, out of fear I feel.

This is usually the point when you take a stance on how you feel, stand in your power and consciously engage with them from that place of power. The power that you’ve always had from the start (and they know you’ve always had) can now be used against them. That’s when they realise the tables and turned, and usually disappear on you.

Narcissists don’t have power of their own, they use your power against you by placing you in this illusion or dream state. They live in an illusionary world. Once you to decide to step out, they have no idea what to do with you. That’s because you have awakened but THEY are still asleep.

If you haven’t already, this is your sign to wake up from the narcissist’s illusion. This is enough information to do that x

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