Let’s Do Some Reverse Engineering

Let’s reverse engineer what’s in this picture.

Supply is the only thing that turns a narcissist on. It doesn’t matter whether it’s positive or negative.

Narcissists don’t hold space for anyone but themselves. They take up all the space due to the sheer time and energy it takes to constantly wear the false masks and portray themselves to be everything BUT their true selves.

They cannot express healthy emotions. Instead, their emotional state is dictated by your reaction to their actions. They cannot naturally regulate their emotions, so depending on others to initiate so they can follow accordingly.

They do not experience emotions such as compassion, shame or guilt. Every single thing they do is geared towards

I get it. Sometimes you want to take a peek at what’s going on in the narcissist’s life after the break up. If you were discarded, it’s likely you didn’t get any closer. So, you might be seeking it out yourself by looking at the narcissist’s social profiles for answers.

If they haven’t blocked you, just know that it’s because they KNOW you’ll be looking. In fact, they’ll carefully curate their profile with pictures together with their new supply just for you.

They will paint this “happy” picture of their lives, so you can project inwards and wonder, “So, was it just me?” “They look so happy with this other person”


Please don’t fall into the trap of thinking the narcissist is making a lovely fresh new start with someone else and you were really the issue in your relationship. They just found someone new that has no idea what they’re in for yet.

Narcissists need a constant supply source to survive. They will repeat the exact same patterns with the new supply, given time.

By looking at their social media pages, they still have emotional control over you, just from a distance. You are still a source of supply to them, even if they cannot see your responses.

Truth is, YOU are in control. You do the blocking. The narcissist is never serious about ending things with you forever because they’d prefer to just put you on the shelf for whenever they’re ready to reappear (if you’ll have them).

Save yourself anymore emotional pain by blocking every avenue of supply. It will go along way to helping in your recovery ❤️🫶🏾

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