You’re Only ONE Decision away…

When I decided I’d had enough, that is when I saw real change. When I decided to choose me (and not the narcissist) everything changed for the better. It didn’t take days, months, weeks or years, because I finally made a firm decision.

.. and decisions are actually just beliefs. That is all that’s is required to start making a change. People tend to look at change as one big monumental shift, some massive action that’s taken. However, a “small shift”, like a decision can be just a significant, if not more.

When you decide on something, it means you have off all other options, except of that which you have decided. That’s exactly what you experienced as you were giving meaning to the experiences with the narcissist.

You were creating new belief systems, and building out the structure of your brain. You cut off all possibility of seeing anything other than that which supported the original belief, which then reinforced that belief over and over again until the belief became your solid truth.

You were actually in control, starting with just your decision. See how this works?

When you become aware that your beliefs are DECISIONS, you gain the ability to change the belief.

Once you realize you’ve been holding on to a belief that doesn’t serve you well, that doesn’t feel good when you think it, that isn’t in alignment with your true view of yourself, you can take one simple but powerful action. You make a new decision.

This knowledge is so powerful for survivors of narcissistic abuse because it helps them reclaim their power.. or just realise that it never left them, but their lack of awareness about it was USED against them.

You can make a new decision right here, right now, in this moment. What will it be?

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