Narcissistic abuse is crippling. It affects you emotionally, and physically. In fact, its effects can work its way into ALL areas of your life. Survivors don’t often connect the fact that things don’t feel right in other areas of their life to the abuse they suffered.

I offer coaching that focuses on you as a WHOLE person, not just the affects the abuse has had on you. When I speak to survivors, they all have one major thing in common – feeling stuck in life. It’s not for the lack of trying, it just seems like their life is going in this vicious cycle of hurt, lack, fear, anxiety. It all relates back to the abuse they’ve suffered, in the past or present.

I’ve been there. I understand where you are now and where you’re seeking to go.

In my coaching, I will work on helping you heal from narcissistic abuse, but not by focusing on it. The reason why is because I know without a shadow of doubt that it’s not the core issue, and never has been.

If you’re getting coaching that focuses on the abuse, what happened, what they did, it’s taking you down the wrong road (in my experience).

I’m not your average narcissist abuse recovery coach.

How my coaching will benefit you:

  • I will help you to use your experiences to connect the dots, improve ALL areas of your life (emotional, physical, spiritual and financial) and will help you to identify the programs that are causing your personal suffering, uninstall them and create more in your life.
  • I’ll help you unlearn what you already know, which will turn most of what you’ve learnt about narcissistic abuse on it’s head (this is critical to healing).
  • I will guide you in healing your past and unlock an almost inconceivable amount of new potential.
  • I will show you how where you are and how you are feeling right now is the way to healing and achieving what you want.
  • You’ll understand how the pain of narcissistic abuse inside you is simply a longing.
  • I’ll help you to elevate who you’ve been, and transform the way you’ve been thinking.
  • You will rise up into a new level of consciousness and capability so that you can have the life you deserve.
  • I’ll show you how you can live your life in the full expression of who you are and consciously create a masterpiece life.

Narcissistic abuse changes you. When you’re going through it, you feel deflated, unworthy and used. My goal is to turn these feeling around for you at a foundational level to create permanent change.

You deserve so much more in life, and by the time we have worked together, my hope of that you realise this inwards and experience it physically.

How Coaching works

You will be required to sign a coaching contract before we commence.

Coaching is provided as either a 3 month or 6 month package. You will have a scheduled 1 hour video call 1 x times a week. I will walk you through the program step by step.

At the end of each session, I’ll give you a report with everything we’ve discussed and any steps you can take before the next session.

Coaching fee is non refundable.

To arrange coaching please CLICK HERE and fill out the form with the subject title “coaching” and I will contact you to arrange a call.